Tasting: Exploring The Mood-boosting Results And Downside Of Psychedelic Water

As you pay, you can mirror on the reality that Psychedelic Water is 98 % . Whether you keep away from alcohol completely or you simply want to drink less of it, Psychedelic Water is a superb swap. It’s a bit more interesting than a plain glowing water, and it is an excellent icebreaker — we wager most of your friends have not tried it yet. According to Rogul, the founder of the company, Keith Stein, started off within the hashish business earlier than he dreamt up the idea of Psychedelic Water. Many regard the cannabis business as an space in which a lot of development is possible, so it makes sense that Stein wished to push into the following new thing.

Despite the name, Psychedelic Water would not embody LSD or psilocybin and undoubtedly won’t make you hallucinate. It was a Thursday night, and my friends were internet hosting a dinner party at their apartment. They sipped on wine and margaritas, and after a protracted day at work, I was tempted to hitch in.

The major side effect I experienced whereas consuming Psychedelic Water was an occasional tingling sensation on my tongue and minor abdomen pains. LSD, PCP, magic mushrooms, and mescaline elicit such a hallucinogenic reaction. The Fijian natives who famously use kava take a lot larger doses of Kavalactones than are present in over-the-counter supplements like Psychedelic Water, Johnson explains.

The impact is a surprisingly strongly flavored drink, which could be a little overwhelming to the palate. Drinking the Hibiscus + Lime can, you find the flavors duking it out for supremacy, with huge, resinous flavors similar to rosemary or juniper intertwining with brilliant citrus and purple berries. In brief, it’s more probably to be very a lot an acquired taste, and I question if many consumers would choose to drink this on its flavor merits alone, if it wasn’t promising psychoactive effects. The drink incorporates kava root, damiana leaf, and green tea leaf extracts — not magic mushrooms, LSD, ayahuasca, or any of the opposite substances mostly often known as “psychedelic.” According to Ben Rogul — the pinnacle of marketing at Psychedelic Water — the company’s aim is to “open up the dialog and push for legal reform of unlawful psychedelics.” There is currently a resurgence in psychedelics research. For occasion, the Psychedelic Studies Research program at UTM studies the benefits and disadvantages of microdosing for creativity.

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