Pinene- A Useful Flavor Of Turpentine

Terpenes are responsible for disseminating aroma and adding flavors to the products of not only the edible industries but also in cosmetics and pesticide industries.

Evolution Of Pinene

As a human, if you are left among the group of predators, what would you do? The evolution says that your brain would develop the defensive mechanism and discover defending tools in the form of stone weapons or fire. Natural evolution has resulted in making defending tools in the plants as well. They are in the form of phytochemicals. One such phytochemical i.e., terpenes. Terpenes in the form of Pinene originated as a natural adaptive shield against the predators. Now, It brings a lot more to the aromatic industry.

Don't be afraid of T.S.A W.S#276What Is Pinene?

Pinene (C10H16) is a bicyclic monoterpene (terpenes that consist of two isoprene units) phytochemicals. The two structural isomers of it available in nature: α-pinene and β-pinene.

Natural Occurrence

It is available in hemp/cannabis which smells like a forest of pine trees. It is also found in resins of many conifers, orange peels, rosemary, pine needles, basils, dill, and parsley. The racemic amalgamation of both the forms of pinene is found in some oils like eucalyptus oil.

Biosynthesis Of Pinene

Both the pinenes i.e., α-Pinene and β-pinene are synthesized from geranyl pyrophosphate. When linalyl pyrophosphate undergoes a chemical reaction called as cyclization, there is a loss of a proton from the carbocation equivalent. This results in the production of alpha and beta pinene via deportation of common intermediate.

Scientists at Georgia Institute Of Technology and the Joint BioEnergy Institute use a bacterium to produce pinene synthetically.

Speciality Of Pinene

Apart from Pinene’s role in perfumery, there are plenty of roles which are played by it (of both the forms). Here are some of them:


Pinene (alpha especially) is one of the eminent species which are emitted in great measure by vegetation. In the atmosphere, it is known to react with ozone, the OH radical or the NO3 radical, resulting in low-volatility organic compounds. Low volatile compounds aid in dampening the viscosity which eases the overall application.


The exclusive medical properties of pinene make it call a brilliant healer. It has also been in use as an anti-cancer agent. It is also believed to possess anti-inflammatory, expectorant, antiseptic, and bronchodilator properties. Also, its high bioavailability (60%) makes it a decent contender in the race of potent substitutes.


There is a certain exploration of pinene in the field of combustible fuel. preroll mix with kief the lapse of time, it will be clear whether pinene can be used as a biofuel in spark engines. It has been shown to possess heating values as great as those of rocket fuels like JP-10.


As terpene is used to stitch flavors to the CBD, pinene is used as one of the terpene types. Compounds like pinene make CBD terps and CBD infused products worth a smell and, of course, taste.

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